Welcome to American English Tree language Learning Center! 

Thank you for your interest in discovering more about our school and its programs. 

Have a look at our website by clicking the link below to really understand the depth of our commitment to our community here in Puerto Vallarta.
Virtually every occupation , whether it be one of domestic service , selling real estate ,tourism or as a professional , English is the key secret to success. 

Many of our students come to us to either learn English or to upgrade their English skills because they have been passed over for promotions.  Everyone working in any industry here in Vallarta knows they need this vital skill. 

As a major part of our mission to give back to the community American English Tree has a strong commitment to provide English classes to motivated and disciplined students coming from backgrounds that otherwise could not afford classes. Our goal is to have at least 50% of our students on full scholarships. 

We are in partnership with the public school system that helps us identify high GPA public school students that cannot afford English classes but show exceptional interest and motivation.

Our programs provide a life changing skill set for students.  

Our teaching method is focused on teaching English through an intensive fast track teaching method that has a success rate. 

We teach a thorough program developed through student observation and designed to encourage learning through motivation and the development of self-confidence.

We ensure that our students have availability to native speakers. 

By donating to our Language Center you are directly contributing to the educational success of Mexico’s next generation. 

Thank you for any level donation, all amounts are very much appreciated and will be applied directly to the success of the scholarship program. 

 We have the option of “adopting a Student” where you meet the student via a video introduction and we send you a monthly progress video so you can watch your adopted student grow into a fluent English speaker. 

Thank you for supporting our students and community. 

We are changing the world one student at a time.

 With sincere thanks,

Edizon Rodriguez- Founder & Principal                                          Denyce Burrows- Director

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