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Neil Gerlowski                     Emanuel             Lorena              & Raquel

The treatment plan prescribed to Emanuel, but currently beyond the reach of this family, includes: fulltime
enrollment in a special school prepared to serve and integrate autistic children (La Casa Azul has been especially
recommended) and supplemental therapy sessions (Aplaüde Child Phycology Center is his recommended therapy provider).

This ideal scenario can be made possible for only approximately $300 USD per week. Let’s help this family give
Emanuel what he needs.

You can learn more about Casa Azul and Aplaüde Child Phycology Center in the links below and can donate now using the donate button.

You may choose either a one-time gift or a monthly contribution to Emanuel’s future.

One Time Gift


Puerto Vallarta is a fascinating place and full of surprises. We have been blessed with many friends whose work brings
tremendous benefits to our community. Yet some of these same folks who contribute so much through their work have
very real needs of their own. Here is a letter from one of those friends whose son has some serious needs. We hope this
story touches you as it has us and that you consider helping a special boy in a truly deserving family.

Your donations can help this family get the treatment critical for their son's proper development.

The following letter is from Neil Gerlowski about his son Emanuel:

I have been living and working in Puerto Vallarta since 2010. During this time my partner Lorena Flores and I have been
blessed with two beautiful children. Long before moving to Mexico I’ve developed an intense love for this incredible and
richly diverse country, and this love has deepened even more now that I have a family here.

In May of 2015, my son Emanuel was diagnosed with a serious disability on the Autism Spectrum. As alarming as this is
for me as a parent, I am comforted by Emanuel’s loving spirit, his boundless curiosity, and his profound connection to our
natural world. Unfortunately, Emanuel’s condition is such that he needs help beyond what the local public school system
or my family’s finances can provide. Our psychologist’s strong recommendation is that we immediately place Emanuel
into a school that has staff trained to care for children with his challenges and augment this care with extensive
individualized therapy especially during this critical period of his early development.

Unfortunately, the cost of such care is well beyond our humble financial means at this time. He receives as much therapy
as our current budget and the occasional contributions of friends can provide, but we’re not getting through to him
quickly enough. His little sister Raquel surpassed his verbal communication abilities back when she was only a year and a

Despite this, Emanuel shows great progress and we and his therapists feel strongly that we are close to unlocking his
abilities to connect much better with the world going on around him.

We kindly thank you for your consideration in making a world of difference in Emanuel’s life.

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