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Anna’s story

We are originally from Budapest, Hungary. Anna was born in September 2007. I am a single mother raising my amazing son and biggest helper, he is 13 years old and his name is Aron, his 11 years sister Anna has been living with autism.

Anna was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, I will always remember that day as it changed our lives forever, but made became the strongest person the person who I am today.

In 2007 when Anna was diagnosed, I took her to many biomedical therapists, doctors, healers in Hungary and in Norway, in England and Germany and got involved in different kinds of therapies, treatments, absolutely everything  that sounded promising to help our baby girl Anna.

In 2011 I saw an online seminar about a homeopath who lives in PV and treats autism successfully. Although the supplements of her therapy were available online, we decided to come to PV to meet her, and do the treatment in person. We did different kinds of biomedical supplements and sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for two months. The improvement we saw, due to all these treatments, and for the ocean, the nice weather, the healthy food, and the people were amazing…..but after two months we had to go home.  

Once back in Hungry it took me only Six months to realize we needed to bring Anna back to Puerto Vallarta, we made the decision to move to PV permanently. This was six years ago.

Unfortunately as with many couples battling autism my marriage couldn't survive all these demands and Anna’s father moved back to Hungary three years ago. Aron, Anna and I decided to stay in PV.

Anna is completely non-verbal, still somewhat hyperactive, on a cognitive level of a 5 year old. She has however learned how to write on her tablet. This is incredible and allows her to finally communicate to some means. She has her tantrums, but her progress is continuous.  She needs 24 hours assistance and care, so I need help. Something I´m not accustomed to asking for.  

She loves to read and dance. Her dream is to be able sing one day, and she wants to be a model when she grows up.

These days, Anna goes to a regular Montessori school as the only special needs child integrated in the class, with a so called „shadow”, a therapist, who helps her adapting to every day school life. After school, she receives six hours sensory and occupational therapy five times a week.  Anna has been on a special diet and biomedical supplements for seven years now.

This summer she received “ Tomatis Therapy” (an auditive stimulation method that improves brain capacity) this needs to be continued and repeated every 3 months. We saw fabulous results after the first session of the therapy. Anna begun to make eye contact, vocalized sounds, and she is simply more present. Improvements I have not seen to this degree in the last seven years. This therapy needs to be continued.  This is why we need help.

My other 13 year old son and I are doing everything to make her life easier, and to cover the everyday expenses, but these extra “Tomatis” therapy is beyond our means alone. You can read about some of its success cases here.

The Effect of Tomatis Therapy on Children with Autism: Eleven Case Studies

Please help Anna Sing one day, thank you God bless you!

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