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Christina Martell, Founder

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BECAS Scholarships for Students

Christina Martell helped to found and run a beca or scholarship program in the south bay of Puerto Vallarta.  Christina lived in Boca de Tomatlan and was very active in the community with beca programs, building a medical and dental clinic and water treatment centers in the south bay.

Chirstina passed away this year leaving an incredible legacy of community support and educational assistance for the people she loved.  The beca programs continue today managed by Fundacion Corazon de Nina AC (Corazon de Nina) a Mexican nonprofit organization helping high risk children.  Christina crafted her beca program with Corazon de Nina to ensure children receiving aid are committed students, maintain high grade point averages and participate in community service.

This grass roots program, started eight years ago as a dream by two “gringas” with love in their hearts for children, and a desire to help kids in rural communities stay in school, get good grades and continue their education. This scholarship program has grown to serve almost 60 students in Cabo Corrientes including the communities of:  Boca de Tomatlán, Las Juntas/Los Veranos, Las Animas, Quimixto, and Yelapa—the last three reached only by boat or trail.   

This is an excellent opportunity to provide a “hands up” to a student and follow them through their educational journey.

The yearly cost to support a student through the BECAS program is $350 USD.  This includes the scholarship, emotional and psychological help, medical and dental care and family help throughout the entire year.

For an amount equal to what four people dining out in the U.S. or Canada at a fine restaurant for one night, one can become a Padrino, or Godparent for Education of a student in rural Cabo Corrientes and give them an opportunity for a better future and life.

While we understand that life takes its “twists and turns”, we ask that people entering this program as Sponsors/Padrinos do so with the intent of continuing their support of this student as long as the student continues his or her education. If you can only commit to one year, we suggest a general donation in any amount to support Christina's mission.

The requirements for students to continue to receive a Beca are based on results needed for success:  1) stay in school and 2) get good grades -- 8.5 or higher on a scale of 10, are committed to their education and participate in community support. Through the Scholarships for Students program, students are mentored to take leadership and volunteer roles in their schools and communities and learn the value of working together to build healthy communities.  They have access to tutoring and educational assistance.  

As a Padrino, you are encouraged to become acquainted with your student through email or Internet chat, come and visit them and their families and know that because of you, a student is getting a chance at a future that otherwise might not be available to him/her.

Any further questions you have regarding this effort can be directed to:

Casa JoJo