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Before our son Emanuel was diagnosed with autism, we went through each of the common stages of accommodating ourselves to difficult news. At first we were in complete denial and even angry at those who suggested that our boy might be anything other than “normal”. After we finally accepted that Emanuel was indeed on the spectrum and requires care beyond what we could provide him as parents, we worried that his special needs would be beyond our humble means.

Now, through the generous financial contributions of friends, family, and even anonymous supporters who have given through the Casa JoJo Foundation, Emanuel is now receiving care far beyond what we imagined possible. He is enrolled in an excellent kindergarten, Casa Azul, with small classes and wonderful individualized attention by both his teacher and an aid. He also goes to an afterschool therapy center and receives therapy at home with a focus on his self-help necessities.

The results of Emanuel’s care are decidedly evident. Beforehand, he went through an early period of tantrums and obvious frustration. He would all too frequently become disengaged and adverse to touch. We felt like he was falling into his own little world where it was harder and harder to help him and make him feel loved.

Fast-forwarding to the present, Emanuel is doing remarkably well. While he still presents many difficult challenges—especially in regard to language acquisition and other common interpersonal skills—he is clearly much more happy and engaged. The love that he generously expresses to his family and others is so purely innocent, genuine, and boundless that it warms the hearts of even those who meet him for the very first time.

I have no doubt that the care that has been provided to him in thanks to generous contributions through the Casa JoJo Foundation have made Emanuel’s incredible progress possible. We thank you all for your generosity and encourage you to please continue your support. One of the best ways to do so is by signing up for a monthly contribution. These allow us to best steward his funds and ensure that the care that he is currently receiving can be sustained for the long term. Your kind support is making a world of difference in the life of Emanuel and our whole family.

Thank you,

Lorena, Emanuel, and Raquel

Payment Options

The treatment plan prescribed to Emanuel, but currently beyond the reach of this family, includes: fulltime
enrollment in a special school prepared to serve and integrate autistic children (La Casa Azul has been especially
recommended) and supplemental therapy sessions (Aplaüde Child Phycology Center is his recommended therapy provider).

This ideal scenario can be made possible for only approximately $300 USD per week. Let’s help this family give
Emanuel what he needs.

You can learn more about Casa Azul and Aplaüde Child Phycology Center in the links below and can donate now using the donate button.

You may choose either a one-time gift or a monthly contribution to Emanuel’s future.