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My name is Michaela Flores and I started helping the youth of Jalisco, Mexico with their education about two years ago. This all came about by helping one child and it has continued to grow. There are so many children that do not continue their education simply because of lack of funds and support. This foundation has been a dream of mine and I hope we can all come together and give what we can to break this cycle. It takes a village to raise a child and I am calling on my neighbors and friends for help. Thanking you in advance for your support and please share the mission of this foundation with your friends and family.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support the youth of

Jalisco, Mexico in their time of need, and work towards a

greater good. We understand the importance of educating the

youth of our future. Our goal is to help them obtain an

education which will give them the knowledge and skills

necessary for improving their lives and their communities by

ending the cycle of poverty.

Michaela's School Fund was

organized to give children from low income families and

challenging backgrounds, a chance to succeed that otherwise

would not have the opportunity to continue their education.

This organization connects sponsors with children, who want

to further their studies through University or trade


You will receive regular updates from

your student, as well as photos, an a report card, each

semester. The students that are chosen for this program are

excellent students, eager to learn and just need

encouragement and support by financial & emotional


We ask that sponsors entering into

this program do so with the intent of continuing their

support for this student as long as the student continues

his or her education. If you cannot commit to the entire

program, we suggest a monthly pledge or yearly donation,

that will be applied to a worthy student in need.

100% of the proceeds donated are used

for the education of the student(s).

Erik's Story

Mi parte favorita es agradecer siempre...

no puedes triunfar y llagar lejos sólo, tienes que dar el primer paso a la vida, después las oportunidades llagan a tí sin buscarlas, y lo hacen cuando más las necesitas.

Es curioso como algunos somos más afortunados, es como si fuésemos elegidos para llegar más rápido a nuestro propósito.

La Victoria que logramos obtener, no es solo nuestra, sino de todos los que te apoyaron en el camino, "mientras tengamos Fe en nuestra causa y una indeclinable Voluntad de vencer, la Victoria estará a nuestro alcance"

Estoy muy agradecido con Eric y Jonathan  porque me han ayudado a avanzar, con su ayuda he logrado aprender más inglés y aprenderé mucho más, al igual con usted Michaela que sin su ayuda ellos tal vez no me hayan apoyado.

"Quién tiene el placer de dar, hay quién tiene la dicha de aceptar"

Muchas Gracias!!!!

-Erik Miguel Rodríguez Partida


My favorite part is to always thank ...

you can not win and not go somewhere else, you have to take the first step to life, the opportunities are easier to find, and less when you need them.

It's funny how some of us are more fortunate, it's like being chosen to get faster to our purpose.

The victory we achieve is not only ours, but we all have to support ourselves on the road, "as long as we have faith in our cause and a will to win indelibly, victory will be within our reach"

I am very grateful to Eric and Jonathan because he helped me a lot, I learned a lot and I learned a lot more, just like you, Michaela that without your help, that helped me.

"Who has the pleasure of giving, who has the happiness to accept"

Thank you very much!!!!

-Erik Miguel Rodríguez Partida

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