Ross B. Hughes Lies and Defamation

On September 26, 2020, Casa JoJo received notice that an email had been circulated by Mr. Ross B. Hughes ( to over 30 individuals and entities implying Casa JoJo Foundation had misused funds for beneficiaries of Casa JoJo Foundation including James Myers and Juan Sendis.

Casa JoJo Foundation reported this accusation to the United States IRS and engaged auditors to fully audit all of our financial transactions.  The claims made by Mr. Hughes were found to be false and without merit.

Casa JoJo Foundation received negative press and comments regarding the accusation made by Mr. Hughes.  Our founders, at their expense, filed legal actions against Mr. Hughes in the United States, Canada and Mexico, the primary areas where the accusation was spread.  

These false and irresponsible accusations hurt the children and families we help.  Shame on you Ross B. Hughes.

You can contact Ross at:


Phone    778-928-9450

Casa JoJo